The Right Kind of Facebook Like Purchase You Can Go for

The moment you create a page for your company, you will of course start with 0 likes on the page. That’s when a lot of people consider buying 1000 likes because then it seems like a lot more. But is this really as interesting as it seems? What are the consequences really?

All pages that see the light of day start without likes on the page. When a page doesn’t have any likes, it doesn’t look very reliable. People wonder how active the page and the company isthat’s why buying likes is being considered, but it’s not that wise at all.Therefore, read this article before you make a decision about buying the likes. You can go for facebook likes buyoption there.

What is your goal with your page?

There are many pages that sell Facebook Likes and most of the pages use similar arguments. They argue that a page without likes seems unreliable and that there will be more likes quickly when you have bought the first likes.

But what good are purchased likes? You started with a page on Facebook to increase the reach of your business and generate more sales. How do you want to achieve that with likes from fake profiles on the social media?

Have you already taken a look at the Facebook page? That is possible here:

There are also pages that sell likes from real people. The problem isn’t much different here. The likes were usually collected through a competition – where the people could win something by entering. The result: Your page is probably not of interest to these people at all. You only attract people who can win free products.

These are not directly the people you want within reach when you are looking for opportunities to generate more sales.

What is the effect of these likes?

You can buy all kinds of Facebook Likes. Since the websites compete with each other, the offer and the price differ widely. But the cheaper likes are not really interesting. They are likes from accounts that are not active, that are controlled by a bot, or they are accounts that are managed from Asia where everything goes automatically. If Facebook suddenly finds out, the accounts will disappear and you will automatically lose your likes.

The more expensive likes are usually likes from accounts of real people who are located, but they are not really interesting either. The people who are active with this are looking for free products, competitions, or getting paid to ‘like’ pages.