Choose the Best Online Appointment Scheduling Tool

As an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) practitioner, I am always looking out for the best online appointment scheduling system. It is a tedious job to schedule appointments for my patients. The challenge is compounded when you have hundreds or thousands of appointments to schedule. In this article, I will highlight some of the best ERP offerings in the market and why they are not the best choice for most organizations.

One of the first ERP offerings that comes to my mind is Google Calendar. This has been around almost a decade now. It has a wide range of integrations to best online appointment scheduling offer: business card, contact, email, reservation, and scheduling apps. I must say that although this app is old, it still remains one of the best tools in my toolbox. But, as all great things come to an end, so does Google Calendar. I am yet to find another ERP app with as many features and robust integrations as this one.

Another provider that comes to mind is Microsoft Dynamics GP. There are many scheduling software in the market today, but few hold the top spot in terms of offering powerful integrations, ease of use, and a myriad of prospects. In my opinion, Microsoft Dynamics GP is still a much better choice over Calendly and MyPhoneSaver in terms of prospecting, tracking, and scheduling.

When it comes to integrating the prospecting and scheduling process, Acmee is probably number three in the pack. Acmee makes it easy for companies with multiple locations to easily and quickly send their prospects an e-mail announcing appointment availability. The best online appointment scheduling software will integrate with Acmee to automatically e-mail your prospects when they are ready for your appointment.

The final provider I’ll discuss is Twitter, and no matter how you use the service, you’ll benefit from integrating Twitter to manage appointment details. Twitter, like Facebook, is becoming a major force when it comes to managing appointments and scheduling services. Recently, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, made it clear that he plans to integrate Twitter with the Quip platform. This means that with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can update your site with any information posted on Twitter. Some of the best online appointment scheduling features that you’ll want to take advantage of through Twitter are the following:

So there are a few quick picks for managing appointments with Twitter. Using this tool makes it easy to manage appointments and make changes to them. By using the Twitter application, you’ll be able to update your site with relevant information posted by others on the microblogging site. This means you can give your audience up to date information on booking updates or just confirm your appointments. If you take the time to carefully review each of these options, you can find the best picktime for your business and its employees.